184_1680_94890174315Sunset in Oia, Santorini.

Here is my version of the sunset shot in Oia. This is a blend of 3 shots, 1.3 to 20 seconds, processed as follows:
1) Reduce noice on all 3 raws.
2) Create HRD in Photomatix
3) Blend using Exposure Fusion, sliders set to produce the most natural looking image while still showing some detail in the very dark areas.
4) PS smart sharpen.
5) PS burn the bottom
6) Nik Brilliance and warming
7) Nik Indian summer to warm th elights, masked to not affect the rest.
8) Nik sunlight, brushed over the buildings to add more light
9) Nik Glamour Glow to remove detail in the dark areas.
10) Detailed curves lightening pn windmills.
11) Dodge buildings that were too dark.b_the-cyclades-islands-in-greecebeautiful-church-wallpaper-hd-51Beautiful-purple-moonlight-Santorini-wallpaperbeautiful-santorini-greeceblue ocean landscapes beach sea high definition greece zakynthos 1920x1080 wallpaper_www.wall321.com_2greece-wallpaper-hd-pictures-15griechenland3islandsKoufonissiaNaxos1Thalassini_Church_Cyclades_Islands_Greecetsigrado-beach-milos-island-cyclades-greece-1600x1066

Grecia y las Islas Cicladas

El mito de la experiencia de un charter perfecto se convierte en realidad a medida que los yates se deslizan a través de un mar que brilla como diamantes. No es de extrañar que los antiguos dioses residieran aquí, es después de todo, lo que imaginábamos que una odisea griega podría ser.